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Planning for Pennsylvania's State Parks of Tomorrow

In early July, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) began distributing a survey called Penn's Parks for All. Booklets and survey sheets have been sent to all the state parks for park visitors to fill out and give their opinion about how the parks are fulfilling the public's needs and what they should be focusing on to improve in the future.

This is an important planning effort. The Penn's Parks for All strategic planning initiative will help shape the future of Pennsylvania state parks for years to come and YOU can have input into that! Park users and visitors are encouraged to take a copy of the survey and fill it out. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING THE SURVEY IS OCTOBER 31, 2017.

The survey can be picked up at the park office or from a box at the top of the stairs in the Mansion parking lot. The color booklet itself is a wonderful resource filled with information about state parks in Pennsylvania. Or you can visit the website and take the survey online.

Dear Friends and Members,
Thanks for completing our December 2016 survey. We will keep you informed of our upcoming activities (some of which are the outcome from survey results) via our website, Facebook, and email. We appreciate your time and feedback.

A special thank you to the wonderful volunteer team who completed trail work on May 7, 2016 despite the mud and rainy weather! Check out additional photos of the work on our trailwork page.

Trail areas in need are always being identified. Think about joining the fun the first Saturday of each month!

The 2015 Photo Contest Award Ceremony
took place on Sunday, January 25, 2015. View the beautiful 2015 winning photographs here.

Pam's 2013 Photo Essay on Winter in RCSP

Thank you to our sponsors of the 40th Anniversary celebration, October 2012!

Call the Friends of RCSP 24/7 at 484-442-0223 and leave a message!

Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter(.pdf)

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